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The Religion Of The Aryo-Germanic Volk –


Stand Behind White Line

Today is the birthday of the greatest man to walk the earth, Adolf Hitler. It is a dreary day as I make my way to a coffee shop in my neighborhood somewhere in New York City. I get on the bus and I notice this sign above the driver’s seat indicating that the front of the bus, near the door, should be clear of people and there is a white line everyone should stand behind. I looked at it for a split second and realized, suddenly, what a profound message dwells behind those four words. As the realization of those word filtered through my National Socialist mind it harkened back to thoughts of my Nordic/Germanic ancestors and the shield walls they deployed against their enemies. Walls of human flesh, with shields held high kept the men behind them strong, safe and psychologically emboldened to fight the enemy before them.

I look around me, right before my very eyes, the enemies of our Aryan race are building walls of their own, lies, deceit, suppression of freedoms, outright murder, genocide, cultural Marxism and biggest lie of all “diversity” are used as brick and mortar in this wall of death and that is a short list. They stand behind this wall of filth and globalist lies as if they were championing a “truth” but we, Aryan people, know otherwise.

There was a Leader who had built a wall of resistance against such filth 83 years ago. He rose from obscurity to become the Father of National Socialism and “savior” of the German Folk. On this day, the child, son of a customs official and a German housewife, Adolf Hitler was born. He would become a war hero, awarded the Iron Cross first and second class and many other military distinctions. He understood what the working class was and who the workmen were as he was one of the working class. He was a man of humble beginnings but achieved greatness because he dared to build walls and tear down some walls.

The Fuhrer built the insolating wall of National Socialism and thus protected and freed the German people from predation that was rampant in the Weimar Republic by an alien race. By building this wall, he ensured Germany’s resurgence, vibrancy, renewed confidence, economic growth and racial pride. He did not seek to isolate Germany but to include all Aryanhood in his liberating message of National Socialism. He joined the many segmented pieces of Germany into one Deutsche Reich and gave das Deutsche Volk a reason to be proud.

The walls he tore down were the walls of class warfare, he destroyed the communist notion of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. There was no class distinction in National Socialist Germany, the worker was prized above any class strata. He put emphasis in hard work, pride in work, and for a unified Germany, there was never any mention of class, rich or poor, the German people were a united people across classes, across all economic strata, across all lines.

He also tore down the wall of degeneracy that was the by-product of communism and the globalists which the Fuhrer referred to as “international hyenas” on many occasion. National Socialism insured that miscegenation, sexual perversion, drugs, indulgences, pornography, etc. were eradicated and the health (spiritual, physical, mental) of the German volk were restored and the nation’s pride was regained and communism and its after effects were once and for all erased from German lives and that of Germany.

The globalists’ with its idiotic “allies” interfered with Germany and thus brought about her destruction for the purpose of destroying a vibrant nation, a super power on the verge of spreading National Socialism to the world. What the “allies” did to Germany and future Aryan kind was to set the stage for the destruction of the Aryan race. This is what we see today.

Today, on the Fuhrer’s birthday, 4/20/2017, the case against this foul, filth ridden wall is overwhelming. I am sitting in a coffee shop writing this blog and contemplating these four words “Stand Behind White Line” and I am thinking of the whole movement in this modern age. We are a people that are being set upon, we are victims of murder, rape, genocide and all I can do is sit here building walls to EDUCATE the Aryan people out there of the truth that is National Socialism through “social media” or face to face with Aryans. Our people are aware of what is happening, aware that something is wrong but they are ignorant as to whom and what is causing this worldwide chaos. I build the wall of protection around our people every time I speak to an Aryan who is wondering what is all the chaos about, when I speak to Aryans about the danger of globalism and their spread of insanity such as multiculturalism, diversity, democracy and other assorted garbage. I build walls with our own people within the Nationalist/National Socialist circles whom have just recently have had their eyes open to the truth.

Walls must  be built, WE ARYANS MUST STAND BEHIND A WHITE LINE and free ourselves from the globalist filth that have blinded many to the truth, the one and ONLY TRUTH that our Fuhrer set forth in his precious book MEIN KAMPF. Remember, today and everyday, the sacrifices our Fuhrer and countless unnamed National Socialist heroes have made and TAKE UP THE HAKENKRUZE BANNER AND LET IF FLY HIGH! Let the Red, White and Black be your wall and STAND BEHIND WHITE LINE because we have a real fight, a fight for the survival of our very race and there is no time to waste on those unwilling to recognize the truth, unwilling to fight, STAND UP WHITE MAN, WHITE WOMAN!!


For our Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, on his 128th Birthday, a threefold SIEG HEIL, SIEG HEIL, SIEG HEIL and a loud HEIL HITLER!!