National Socialism

Explaining National Socialism


There is a confusion between National Socialism and Socialism. The enemy has made a concerted effort to cause confusion between the two and there is a difference as cavernous as the space between here and the end of the universe. National Socialism is more than just a mere ideology, it is a WORLDVIEW based on Nature’s eternal laws. National Socialists believe that in order to live a well balanced, happy life we have to and must live within these laws that eons ago were dictated by nature herself. We believe in three basic yet powerful tenets that compasses all of National Socialism and these three tenets are as following:

1-Nature’s Laws
2-Racial Identity of the Aryan people
3-The upward mobility of the Aryan Race

1-One has to leave the filth of city life , go anywhere natural, stop and observe nature in all her greatness and wonderment and begin to take note of what is happening. One cannot help but notice the epic struggle of strong vs. weak, big vs. small, light vs. darkness, life vs. death! This is Nature’s Laws in action. There is no denying that there is something at work here that is beyond our scrutiny, beyond our understanding, as National Socialists we accept that Nature’s Laws are unmovable, unchangeable, undeniable and impossible to change or to wish them away. Nature has a way of exerting her force on the willful people, through disasters, natural occurrences and other natural incidences happen. As national socialists, we accept the awesome power of nature and her laws and we respect and follow, obey and adhere to her rules for a decent society and life.

2-What makes the Aryan race unique? From the beginning the Aryan race has been in the forefront of creativity, innovations, exploration, invention, intelligent discourse and all things that brought civilization to fruition. Aryans were the people that spread throughout the European continent and with them the seeds of civilizations were planted where ever the set their feet. Only the Aryan race was capable of the magnificence of the ancient Greek civilization, the birth of real democracy had its roots in Greece. The Roman Empire and its amazing innovations was possible because of Aryan ingenuity, Germania had its gods and traditions which still to some extent are alive today through many Odinists, Europeans owe their very existence to these amazing

3-As a national socialist, one has to believe that there is an ever evolving process as we see with our race. Aryans have been evolving since first coming out of the Indus valley to spread throughout the European continent. It is the belief of modern day National Socialists that we keep evolving into the future for the betterment of our race. Eugenics plays an important part in the evolutionary process.

These are just the simplification of processes that need hours, days and weeks of writing to explain them in details but if you are seeking more information then I suggest to research, read and study.

Thank you for reading my blog post, I encourage you to please comment or ask questions below. Thanks again! Heil Hitler!!